In addition to reducing limping and joint pain, the knee brace improves the quality of life for dogs with joint problems.

In addition to reducing pain and swelling, the knee brace helps improve balance between the muscles involved. By improving the flexibility of tight muscles, the dog is able to quickly regain their normal walking gait in the affected limb. In addition to relieving the burden on the joints, this surface brace increases the stability of the joints, preventing the injury from becoming more serious.

Both the elastic properties and the stabilizing properties of the brace make it ideal for sports. It is possible to prevent muscle mass loss by using the knee brace before surgery (in conjunction with the prescribed treatment) in the event of damaged cruciate ligaments. As soon as the swelling has subsided, the dog can begin using the brace again five days after surgery.

Check out our complete selection of Dog Cruciate Ligament Knee Braces below. You can replace ACL surgery with these cruciate knee braces if you want to avoid surgery. An excellent support and strength device for dogs with cruciate ligament injuries (ACL), the Dog Cruciate Knee brace provides additional support and strength. The braces are available for both dogs with cruciate knees. Overuse can cause a dog’s knees to become damaged and cause the Cruciate Knee Brace to be worn to treat the problem. With its innovative hinged design, the Dog Knee Brace is the most sophisticated knee brace available, providing the highest level of stability for a wide range of knee injuries. This product can be tailored to meet the needs of your dog and continue to provide support for a long period of time.

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