Throwing toys is a dog’s favorite pastime

Playing fetch with your dog is something he looks forward to every day? With our dog fetch toys, you can keep your pup active while you’re walking. In addition to tennis balls, flying discs, flash balls, and rugby balls, we have colourful tennis balls that are perfect for throwing and fetching. The dog throw toys we offer are made of durable materials that are designed to last, providing hours of enjoyment for your pet. The game even includes fun characters like monsters, ducks, and space hoppers.

Getting your dog active and stimulated with fetch and throw toys is a great way to keep him happy and healthy.A dog’s favourite too – it means bonding time between the dog owner and the dog while satisfying those chasing instincts!There is more than one kind and size of fetch and throw dog toys available in the DogsBrace range, so there is no doubt that you will find one you love.There are two types of tennis balls we carry: normal tennis balls and squeaker tennis balls with a hole for stuffing treats into.Additionally, we supply high-bouncing, high-grip tennis balls, eco-friendly balls, and rubber core squeakers with cute googly eyes and felt coverings!A variety of frisbees are available, including flyers and rubber frisbees that are safe for gums and float.

Flying dog toys are perfect for fetch games with your dog and are available in a variety of fun designs.The most popular dog toy is the toy ball – not only is it great for throwing and fetching, but many have squeakers to further hook your pet’s attention.

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