Using a whistle to call and train with clickers

In addition to herding, tracking, hunting, and searching, whistles can be used for other activities. We have whistles with one tone and whistles with two tones for different types of sounds, frequencies, and distances.Here you will also find high frequency dog whistles (which are normally not heard by the human ear) with adjustable sounds.In obedience training, trick training and education, a clicker is a very popular training tool.

The DogsBrace method of training uses positive reinforcement to make the training fun and effective. As soon as the dog performs a desired behavior or trick, the trainer clicks on the clicker and immediately rewards the dog. Using a clicker, a reward is associated with the sound it emits so that desired behavior can be enhanced. In principle, the principle is simple – but learning to click and reward at exactly the right time is not easy. Taking care of a dog requires being quick, patient, and attentive. A clicker is usually made of plastic with a metal flap that makes the characteristic sound. They can be attached to your key chain, belt loop, or wristband with a ring so they can be attached to a key chain, belt loop, or wristband. Clickers with quick buckles, plastic loops, or a hole through which string can be threaded are also available.

It is possible to train a herding dog well with a whistle if you have one. There are some people who use their voice or whistles when herding, but they may not be able to do it if their voice is hoarse, if they have a cold, or if it is windy outside. Then a whistle would be helpful to call the dog or signal it. In addition to call training and come-when-called training, whistles can also be very useful. It is also possible to train hunting dogs using sound signals. Hunting with your dog is great because a whistle can be used to call the dog without straining your voice.

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