Harnesses for dogs being lifted

If your dog is suffering from a physical condition such as a knee injury, hip injury, or back injury, they may need a little extra assistance getting around. Likewise, aging dogs with arthritis or degenerative diseases also experience these problems. It will be necessary to help these dogs get around the house, go to the outdoor potty area, and go up and down the stairs. Consequently, they could greatly benefit from a dog support harness or a dog ramp. With these dog harnesses, owners can provide their pets with everyday assistance quickly and easily. Support harnesses for dogs usually fit around their bellies near their hips, and they have handles that make it easier to stabilize and lift their pets.

Various dog support harnesses are available from DogsBrace to provide your four-legged friend with the support he may require. The products come in different sizes and are designed to function in specific ways. Whether your dog has a front or back leg injury, needs a boost, or needs to be transported, they can provide assistance. For example, veterinarians recommend and use the GingerLead Support and Rehabilitation tall breed male dog lifting harness in animal clinics to assist tall, lean dogs like Greyhounds who have weak hindlegs. In addition, there are harnesses available that can be temporarily used to help dogs recover from injuries or surgery. Designed specifically to support and stabilize a dog’s front legs when walking, the DogsBrace front lift combo dog harness provides support and stability.

Besides slings and harnesses for the front and rear legs, we also have products for the whole body. Support your dog while they maintain their balance and stay active. Support your pet while they potty, assist them on stairs, or get in and out of their vehicle. No matter what your dog or pet’s health situation is, we have the size and type of product you need to care for him or her.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have before you purchase an orthopedic dog harness!

Your pet may need some support if they’re getting older or if they’ve been injured. Whether your dog suffers from arthritis, degenerative myelopathy (DM), or another disease, our dog support harnesses and lifts can help. Whether you have an elderly dog that has a higher risk of experiencing age-related issues, or a young dog that has been injured, we have the solutions.


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