Pet Coats & Jackets

Keep your dog warm and dry with DogsBrace winter jackets. Our selection includes products for dogs of all sizes and different thermal temperatures. Softshell jackets range from lightweight to very warm. Dog winter jackets should also be waterproof and breathable.

Whatever your dog’s style may be, we’re sure you’ll find just the right pet supplies at DogsBrace. We have everything your dog needs to stay warm and dry in cold and rainy weather – including rain gear, snow gear, and sleet apparel to make your dog feel like he’s on a runway. When it rains, does your dog hide under the couch so he won’t get his paws wet? On days like these, check out our best items for keeping your dog dry and warm. The hoods protect your pet from the rain, and the neon yellow color makes him visible to drivers in bad weather. Your reluctant pooch can be enticed to go outside even when it’s raining with the right cute dog clothes. In colder climates, your dog may have difficulty facing bare-backed in the cold. Our selection of stylish yet functional dog coats will keep you (and your dog) warm in a full-on blizzard situation. Extreme weather conditions won’t bother your pup with these. The Pet Life Fashion Parka Dog Coat even has a faux fur hood! You can keep your dog warm and toasty all year round with DogsBrace’s all-weather dog coats, from water-proofing to insulation.

Coats or jackets are needed for dogs?

In cold weather, dogs may need coats or jackets. Thin-coated dogs and those who are older or ailing may benefit from wearing a coat or jacket during cooler weather, but thick-coated dogs can usually tolerate cold weather without outerwear. During inclement weather, rain jackets can also be of great help. Dog coats and jackets are also cute and stylish choices that get your dog lots of attention when he’s out and about. Watch for signs of distress or overheating whenever you dress your dog in clothing.

Can you tell me how a coat or jacket should fit my dog?

Dog coats and jackets should fit snugly without being too tight or too loose. It is a good rule of thumb that the garment should have enough room underneath for two fingers to fit. The coat or jacket should also allow your dog to move freely and without tripping over any parts. There should be full or partial coverage of the belly on a full coverage jacket, which should extend from the base of the collar to the tail. Don’t forget to follow sizing recommendations and measure your pet to ensure the perfect fit.

For a coat or jacket, how do you measure a dog?

Measure your dog’s neck girth, chest girth, and back for a coat or jacket. Position a tape measure around your dog’s neck where he would wear a collar and leave it loose enough to fit two fingers under the tape. As before, use the two-finger technique around the largest part of the chest. Back measurements are taken from the base of the neck to where the tail begins. Consult the jacket or coat’s sizing guide to determine your dog’s size. Don’t let your dog wear too tight or too loose clothing if he or she is between sizes.


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