Pet apparel & accessories

You may have once thought dog clothing wasn’t necessary, but it actually provides important protective benefits for dogs in certain situations. In addition, it’s fun to accessorize your dog with different types of clothing so that he can look cute and stylish. Let them try something out and see what they think!

Keeping your dog or cat warm and comfortable in cold, wet, or windy weather is easy with pet clothing. Your pet can be protected from the elements with cat and dog clothes that add a layer of warmth, waterproofing, or both. Bring your pet outside in bad weather with stylish options for a more comfortable experience.

Cat clothes include down-insulated jackets with silky exterior shells that feel soft against your cat’s skin. The elastic banding ensures a secure fit for your feline. Jackets have a zippered bottom that makes them easy to wear and take off. Lighter coats are also available for less harsh weather conditions. Featuring cotton exteriors, sherpa interiors, and a Velcro belly, they are easy to put on and take off.

Clothing for large and small dogs includes waterproof, wind-proof and even snow-proof coats to keep them comfortable while walking in inclement weather. The interior fleece lining is designed to maximize warmth, and the outer shell is lined with reflective material to make your pup more visible at night. Besides dog shoes, you can get other pet accessories, such as dog boots, that will protect your pet’s paws during extreme temperatures. Rubberized grips provide traction on slippery surfaces and breathable, water-resistant designs protect against the elements.

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