Snuffle mats for dogs

With a Snuffle Mat, your dog will be occupied and mentally stimulated, as their brain and nose are engaged at the same time. Besides satisfying their natural foraging instincts, this is also a great way to ease boredom.

The Snuffle Mat is a great tool for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you use snuffle mats for treats or to replace your dog’s regular boring old bowl, they will calm and relax your dog, providing him with a lot of fun and stimulation.

Additionally, Snuffle Mats are a good distraction during thunderstorms or similar terrifying events.

When giving your dog a Snuffle Mat, supervise them (especially puppies) and remove it once they have finished retrieving all the food/treats. This prevents your dog from chewing it and prevents them from digesting bits of it.

It has treat concealing compartments that encourage natural foraging behaviours in your dog, making it the perfect dog snuffle mat for any dog owner. Foraging for treats while your dog explores with these colours and textures will keep his mind and body engaged.

Consider your pet’s play preferences, chewing habits, and size when choosing a toy, keeping in mind that no toy is completely indestructible. It is not recommended to leave your pet unattended with this product. Make sure your pet’s toys are regularly checked to be sure they are not damaged, or if parts become detached and could cause a choking hazard. Chew toys are not intended for use as chew toys. Make sure you shake out the mat after every use to ensure all treats have been removed. Pet health and wellbeing are strongly supported by responsible pet ownership.

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