Traveling with pets has never been easier or more convenient with pet carriers

Taking your pampered pooch along for the ride is easy when you travel with a pet carrier that keeps your pet safe and comfortable. There is a dog carrier that’s perfect for every breed of dog at DogsBrace, whether it’s a golden retriever, a border collie or a miniature poodle.

Crates for large pets

In order to transport bigger dogs by vehicle or by airplane, large pet crates are the best choice. Your pup can also sleep in an open plastic dog carrier while you crate train at home. Adding a plush dog bed to a large pet carrier will make it more comfortable and inviting.

Bowls that hook to the front door wires let you provide fresh water and food without having to remove your pet from the crate, and crates with locking doors prevent your pet from escaping during transit. You can store small essential items, such as leashes or dog treats, in most pet crates.

Pet carriers for small animals

Small pets can be kept safe in a pet carrier designed especially for them. Pet carriers with slats for ventilation help your dog feel secure, and the interior surface is easy to clean if your pet drools or has accidents. If you plan to transport your pet by plane, make sure the carrier is approved by the airline. Covered crates may soothe anxious pets by creating a dark, cool environment during transport. When you arrive at your destination, you can peek in to check on your dog or give him a view of the outside. Similarly, small crates can be used as cat carriers, so you can get the same type for all of your pets.

Carriers for soft-sided pets

Crates with hard sides are less convenient than carriers with soft sides. The flexible sides of these carriers make them easy to slide into tight spaces, and they are lightweight and easy to carry. When not in use, many models can be folded flat for easy storage.

Another option is to use a dog car seat if you are traveling in your own vehicle.They are attached to the car seat and seat belt to keep the carrier in place, and have restraining leashes to prevent your pet from jumping into the front seat.

Shoulder bags for pets

Pet shoulder totes are a great way to carry your beloved pooch around town. They let you carry a teacup or toy breed over one shoulder. Tote around your posh pooch wherever you go, or take your small dog for long walks in the park in a sporty tote that matches your outfit.

Bringing your dog cycling is easy with handlebar basket carriers, which attach to the front of your bike. Your pup will enjoy riding in a pet stroller while you jog in the morning. If your dog wants to run with you for a while, keep a harness or leash handy.

Carrying backpack for dogs

Bring your older dog along on long hikes in a backpack carrier. During a walk, your dog can peer out of a backpack carrier with mesh windows while remaining safe within. A flexible backpack carrier with leg holes keeps your pup upright while allowing him to move freely.

Several models have a front carrier that allows your dog to see the trail as you do. Make sure the shoulder straps are padded and adjustable so you’ll be able to carry your pet comfortably. A waterproof lining and breathable mesh sides provide comfort for your pet.

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