An urn for a pet offers a personal connection even after the pet has passed away.The sadness of losing a pet can only be understood by someone who loves animals.People tend to view their pets as members of their families, with personalities and charms that are as unique as any playful child, eccentric aunt, or curmudgeonly grandfather.So, the grief and sorrow felt by those who lose pets are often no less real and acute as those who lose human family members.There are many ways to cope with sorrow after the loss of a pet. An urn is one such way.

In the same way that cremation urns for people can be found in a variety of designs, materials, and sizes, so can pet urns. The following are descriptions of some of the most popular types of pet urns that DogsBrace offers.

It is possible to choose from wood urns that are solid wood or composite materials, both available in a variety of wood finishes, such as maple, cherry, oak, mahogany, bubinga, and walnut. Wood pet urns convey a beautiful, warm feeling with their elegantly crafted shapes, heart-shaped photo frames, and bases displaying animal figurines.

Pet Urns Made of Stone – Onyx, tiger eye, jade, marble, and granite pet urns are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Each stone urn has a unique color and pattern because it is made of natural materials.

The following metals are often used to make pet urns in various styles and sizes: bronze, brass, pewter, copper, aluminum, etc. A variety of metal pet urns are available, including Grecian-style urns, cloisonné urns, mother-of-pearl urns, and colored enamel urns.

From timeless urn shapes to fine figurines, these ceramic pet urns feature diverse, artistic imagery in designs limited only by your imagination.

Cold-cast cultured pet urns are created from manufactured substances, designed to look and feel like stone, ceramic, or other traditional materials. Pet urns made of cultured materials are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. There are a variety of designs to choose from, including dog or cat in baskets, figurines, and garden rocks.

Pet cremation urns by DogsBrace include biodegradable pet urns as well as pet urns with picture frames for displaying your favorite photo of your beloved animal.

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