Carriers & Travel For Pets

The perfect companion for a road trip – or even a quick trip to the veterinarian – our pet carriers come in a variety of sizes and materials, including pet booster seats for cars and canvas crates.

When choosing a pet carrier, safety, comfort, and ease of use are the three most important factors to consider. Most pet carriers will check all three boxes, but it’s important to do your research so you choose a carrier that provides the best in all three areas.

When traveling with your pet, it is extremely important to keep them safe. If you choose a pet carrier, make sure its base is wide and sturdy so that your pet cannot tip it over as she moves and shifts her weight. Ensure all doors and openings are securely latched to keep your pet safe. You should also look for a carrier that has plenty of ventilation. When a pet is contained in her carrier, she may anxiously pant due to her nervousness.

It’s also important for your pet to be comfortable while enclosed. Pets will love snuggling against soft pet carriers. The other type of pet carrier is a hard-sided carrier made of wire or plastic, which adds rigidity to the carrier but cuts down on the level of comfort. Soft pet mats can make all the difference, regardless of whether they are made of hard or soft materials. You should look for a pet carrier that has a mat. When choosing your own pet mat, be sure to choose one that fits well so it won’t shift as your pet moves around.

Pick a pet carrier based on the needs you have that will be easy for you to use. Many carriers come with multiple doors, either on the front, side or top, so you can easily enter and exit your pet no matter where you place them. There are a variety of soft designs that are pre-approved for carry-on pet travel carriers, ensuring you get to your destination without any issues. Hands-free pet carriers such as backpacks are excellent if you need to carry your pet. A pet carrier with extra pockets is perfect for storing pet treats and food, as well as your wallet, phone, and other belongings.

It’s important to choose a pet carrier that’s safe, comfortable, and easy to use for years of fun, trip after trip. Other great products from DogsBrace include pet seat belts, pet car seat covers, pet car seats, pet steps and ramps, pet blankets and furniture covers, and pet GPS trackers. We have a wide selection of pet products in our online pet store at DogsBrace.

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