Pet Muzzles

Pet muzzles are an important way to keep people and animals safe around your pet. Used properly, they are a highly effective way to ensure your pet can walk and travel, while not putting anyone else at risk. There are many reasons to use pet muzzles – going to the vet, when your pet is in a stressful situation, or for dogs with a strong prey drive like greyhounds. Even normally placid pets can be unpredictable in certain situations. Muzzles fall into three main groups. The basket-type muzzle is made of tough rubber netting which allows the dog to eat, drink, pant and open its mouth. The gentle muzzle is made of softer material, typically neoprene, with secure buckles and padding for comfort. Short snout muzzles are also available for dogs with short noses like pugs and bulldogs.

It’s important that your pet understands that the muzzle is a good, positive thing and not something that is stressful or a punishment. This is a gradual process, whereby you associate something positive such as treats with the muzzle.

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