Pets Cones

A pet recovery cone is an essential piece of medical equipment for any pet undergoing treatment. Pet cones, usually made of plastic or fabric, prevent your pet from licking or scratching at surgical or injury sites by limiting movement of the head and paws. Using recovery cones provides your pet with extra protection, preventing them from removing the cone and further damaging the area where they have been injured or had surgery.

Choosing the right type and size of recovery cone is essential when using one on your pet. Recovery cones come in many different types, from soft, plush velcro-closure cones to rigid plastic Elizabethan cones. For more severe conditions, the Elizabethan cone is often used because it effectively restricts the pet’s head and neck movements. When selecting the right size of recovery cone for your pet, it is recommended that you measure its neck before purchasing.

In order for your pet to become accustomed to wearing the recovery cone, it is imperative that you get the correct size. Cones can be strange experiences for pets and may cause some anxiety if not used correctly. Treats and praise should be used to reward positive behavior as soon as the cone is introduced, so that the experience is more comfortable. After your pet gets accustomed to the cone, gradually increase the time they spend wearing it until no longer showing signs of anxiety.

The cones you use for your pet’s recovery and safety are essential tools. These items can help your pet heal properly after injury or surgery with proper measurement and training, thus limiting the risk of further unnecessarily damaging them.


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