Pets Automatic Feeders

There are days when you just know you won’t be home in time to feed your pets, so these automatic pet feeders are the perfect solution. It’s great for ensuring your pets have access to food at the right time with its timer setting and easy access without the chance of creating a mess.

DogsBrace has a great selection of pet feeders that will make mealtimes easier and more fun for both you and your animal companion. Our selection of pet food dispensers includes automatic pet feeders and gravity feeders that take the work out of feeding your pet, as well as pet slow feeders that help you limit how much a chubby kitty can consume. Whether you’re looking for a feeder for a dog, a cat or a small animal, DogsBrace has what you need!

The simplest pet feeders are gravity-driven dispensers that refill their bowls automatically as your pet eats. By stocking the reservoir, you ensure your pet will always have food in his bowl, and you won’t hear him meowing early in the morning when his food bowl is empty. When you’re out of the house and unable to feed your pet at mealtime, they can also be used when you don’t want to leave them out all day. Feeding your pet remotely from your phone is even possible with automatic feeders that allow you to program specific times for the food to be dispensed throughout the day.

There are pet proof feeders that can be activated by microchips or RFID tags that you can attach to your pet’s collar to feed your pet food. The slow pet feeder styles we offer are perfect for pets that eat too quickly or are on a diet, including food puzzles that make your pet work for her food and timed feeders that open at regular intervals and give your pet the perfect portion.

Various pet food bowls are available to meet a wide range of feeding needs, such as elevated bowls for older or ailing pets and heated bowls to prevent water and wet food from freezing in the winter. A variety of styles and shapes are available for serving pet food in style, as well as pet waterers and water bottles to keep pets hydrated at home or on the go. Find everything you need to give your pet the best mealtime experience with our great selection of feeding and water-dispensing supplies. Among our terrific selection of pet feeders, you’ll find something to suit every need.

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