Rehabilitation assists individuals in recovering, maintaining, and improving their abilities, enabling them to function on a daily basis. As a company, DogsBrace understands that a person’s recovery may include cognitive, physical, or mental abilities. Our dog wheelchairs meet a wide range of needs, so we offer a variety of options. As the leading provider of popular, leading, and featured products, we aim to assist you in advancing your functional abilities and, in general, your daily life. In our online stores, we provide equipment for people recovering from injuries or trauma, major surgeries, severe infections, developmental disabilities, chronic pain, including neck and back pain, and side effects of medical interventions.

As part of your physical therapy or rehabilitation treatment, our dog wheelchairs can help you regain your independence. Fitness bands, balls and tubing, balance and total body conditioning machines, strength training, lower extremity exercises, mobility aids, cardio equipment, upper extremity training, and other rehabilitation equipment are among the equipment we offer. It is important for us to recognize that different people have different recovery goals and therefore require different dog wheelchairs, which is why we work with international suppliers and vendors to make affordable dog wheelchairs available to our customers.

Therefore, browse DogsBrace’s featured dog wheelchairs to find your desired equipment from popular brands and begin the road to independence and recovery.

Pet wheelchairs offer a number of benefits, so what are they?

Walk and run with your dog to improve their quality of life.

Prevent any further injuries to your pet’s back by keeping it in alignment.

Degenerative myelopathy, as well as virtually all other spinal diseases and conditions, can be slowed.

The front legs and spine are perfectly balanced to relieve stress.

Canine wheelchairs can help manage the following conditions:

Myelopathy caused by degenerative changes

A disc has ruptured

Traumatic spinal cord injury

Dysplastic hips

The arthritic condition

Getting old

Amputees with a rear limb

Rehab after disc, knee, and hip surgery

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